Thursday, October 26, 2006

Odeo se recompra

Odeo ha comprado de nuevo su compañía. Me explico. La compañía se lanzó en Julio de 2005, tras consseguir 5 millones de dólares de financiamento. Los trabajadores han creado una compañía llamada Obvious Corp que ha comprado Odeo y Twitter a los inversores y accionistas. No se sabe el precio de la compra, pero se supone que es superior a los 5 millones que obtuvieron de VC.

El nuevo modelo de negocio según Evan Williams, el fundador, es:

"Everyone I know in the web world either works for one of the Internet giants and wants to be in a startup or is in a startup that wants to be bought by an Internet giant. The grass is always greener, of course, but I believe there’s room for a different model for building and running web properties. Obvious will be a kind of product lab, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. There are many details to be figured out, but the general idea is to simply build and launch things that we want to exist in the world, with a high degree of freedom. And to do so cheaply and quickly, with self-organized teams that can leverage each other’s technology, talents, and traffic. Rather than looking to be acquired, we plan to make money from the services and share it with the people who contribute. Occasionally, it may make sense to spin things out into their own entities, which get outside investment, but the company is not an incubator"

Es un interesante movimiento de una empresa que me gusta, y de la que soy usuario desde el inicio.

Vía: TechCrunch

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